The Ultimate Crossbow Shooting Rest

The Ultimate Crossbow Shooting Rest

More gun hunters and bowhunters are turning into crossbow hunters. Crossbows are gaining in popularity because they are deadly accurate and super fast. Those two qualities are what every hunter is looking for in a weapon. The crossbow has one major problem: it can be heavy and cumbersome which makes shooting difficult at times.

Over the last several years, many companies have come out with shooting rests that are designed to help crossbow hunters stabilize the crossbow during the shot, but the problem with many of these shooting rests is they are  bulky and difficult to transport.


This year the Final Rest Shooting System hit the market and is possibly the best crossbow shooting rest on the market. For starters, the system is rock solid. It can easily cradle almost  any style of crossbow, making the crossbow extremely stable and very accurate.


The Final Rest can be configured in a variety of ways, depending on the needs of the hunter. Hunters who are hunting from a homemade deer blind will like the fixed blind kit. With this option, the shooting rest base is attached to the blind and comes with a rest for the crossbow and a movable arm so the rest can be moved around in the window of the blind. A triple arm attachment is also available so the shooting rest and crossbow can be rotated between windows in a blind without having to pick up and move a tripod. Because the Final Rest Shooting System can be attached directly to a blind, a cumbersome tripod isn’t needed. The system takes up almost zero space in a blind.



For crossbow hunters who own Redneck Hunting Blind or a similar blind, a Pillar kit is available. A single pillar attaches to the window shelf which holds the shooting rest. This style of shooting rest is extremely stable yet takes up almost no room in the blind so hunters can bring an extra hunter or extra gear with them when they hunt. A triple arm can be purchased with the Pillar system so hunters can maneuver their crossbow between multiple windows without ever pulling their crossbow out of the shooting rest.


The Pillar system can be used with most ladder stands that have a shooting rail. Resting and shooting a crossbow from a shooting rail can be difficult. With the Pillar System, the crossbow can be sitting in the Final Rest platform and ready to shoot at all times.



For hunters on the go, the Final Rest Shooting System can be purchased with a tripod. Hunters out west hunting in the mountains or in the hill country of Texas will be pleased to know the Final Rest Shooting System is lightweight and packable. The tripod and the shooting rest can easily fit in a backpack so hunters on the go can quickly pack and unpack the system.


The final rest shooting system works great for crossbow hunters and gun hunters. The Final Rest can easily accommodate most guns.

A crossbow can be a tack driving machine, but keeping the crossbow stable can be difficult. The Final Rest Shooting System solves that problem.

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