Shooting Rests That Take Up Zero Floor Space

Final Rest shooting systems free up valuable floor space. No longer do you have to deal with bulky shooting rests mounted on tripods. Final Rest Pillar Kit shooting systems utilize the structure of the blind for mounting the rest, making sure that you will always have plenty of room to stretch your legs.

Wide Range Of Motion Without Sacrificing Stability

Final Rest shooting systems offer fluid motion in almost any direction. You can pivot at the rest itself or swing the whole arm. With the Final Rest platform, you can adjust the tension on your tilt and even totally lock down the tilt. The yoke angle is adjustable to ensure that the yoke never gets in the way of your face while you’re taking those long distance shots.

Options For Almost Any Situation

Our fixed blind kits work great for wooden or homemade blinds. Our pillar shooting rest kits allow you to clamp to a shelf in you blind or the rail of your ladder stand. Mount the Final Rest platform on a tripod — and your are ready for longs shots in the field. Easily swap components from one system to another for a solid shooting rest, no matter where you hunt.

A Packable Rest For Where Your Hunt Takes You

Final Rest shooting systems are very lightweight and packable. All the Final Rest kits fit into most backpacks. The tripod mounted kit is one of the lightest and most packable options for in the field accuracy on the market today. The compact and lightweight design of the rest and the collapsable shooting yokes will assure that your gun rest will never hinder you from going wherever your hunt takes you.


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