Fixed Blind Single Arm Grip-N-RIP (KIT)

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Works great for

  • Any hard shell blind that you can screw into
  • The included Final Rest Grip-N-RIP can also be used on a tripod (tripod not included) for in field stability

Kit total weight: 3.85 lbs


•    Fixed Blind Base (includes mounting screws and level)

•    Single Arm (13 Inches - 26 inch range of motion)

•    Final Rest Grip-N-RIP (Supports weapons 1 1/4" to 2" thick) 

The all new Final Rest Shooting Systems are on the cutting edge of shooting rest technology. Final Rest Shooting Systems take up zero floor space in your blind and they offer a wide range of motion without sacrificing shot stability.
Includes new Final Rest Grip-N-RIP. The Grip-N-RIP grips right onto your weapon for long range stability. The Grip-N-RIP pans smoothly for tracking your game and has the option of locking down the tilt so you can leave your weapon up and ready to go. The Grip-N-RIP is also extremely packable due to its compact design.

Customer Reviews

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Good product

Bought this so my 7 year old could shoot a .3030 out the shooting house easier. It is quite works great and he was able to harvest a buck shooting my .270. The only small issue I found is if you tighten down on the gun to tight it don’t like to release off the gun when removing it but I just fiddle with it and it will loosen up. I’ll buy another one