5 Reasons Turkey Season Is The Perfect Time To Take Out Youth Hunters

5 Reasons Turkey Season Is The Perfect Time To Take Out Youth Hunters

Its no secret that we’ve lost a lot of hunters over the last several decades. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, we lost 2.2 millions hunters between 2011 and 2016. If we are going to gain back some ground its going to have to be with the next generation. Turkey season is the perfect time to get some new/youth hunters into the woods.

Turkey Hunting Often Brings a Lot of Fun Action

Depending upon where you hunt, deer hunting can be slow. Many of us put a lot of hours in the deer stand before we tag a deer. To a young hunter, sometimes they don’t have the patience to sit long hours. Turkey hunting is a great place to start because there often is plenty of fun action in the turkey woods. When you have birds firing it up off their roost and then have them come it to the decoys, it can make for a really fun time.


Calling In Birds Can Be A Lot of Fun

You don’t have to be perfectly silent out turkey hunting (which for some kids is pretty difficult). Kids love to make noise with calls and with turkey hunting, you sure can make a lot of noise. Teaching a kid how to use a slate or box call can keep them occupied and entertained. I remember the first time I called in a bird. Its a super fun and rewarding experience. Its that type of encounter that can really get a kid hooked on hunting.

turkey call

Turkey Hunting Is A Great Time To Teach Minimal Movement

You don’t have to hunt turkeys long to know they’ve got some dandy good eye balls on ‘em. One little movement can totally ruin a turkey hunt. Turkey hunting is the perfect time to teach young hunters that being still in the woods is often one of the most important things for hunting turkeys or deer. One thing that helps with keeping movement to a minimum is using a shooting rest. Often the bird is closest to the hunter right before the shot. The moment of raising a shotgun can sometimes spook the birds or alert birds that something is up. Shooting rest systems like the Final Rest take away that problem. With a Final Rest tripod kit you can have the gun up and ready to go, and you’ll be able to keep movement to a minimum.

Its Often Warmer Weather During Turkey Season Than In The Fall

Taking a kid out for a rifle season deer hunt in the mid west can make for a pretty chilly sit. Turkey hunting is usually a whole lot warmer and can make the sit more enjoyable.

Good Practice Shooting Under Pressure

With every exciting hunting encounter comes an adrenaline rush, and turkey hunting is a great time to practice shooting under pressure. The nice thing about turkey hunting vs deer hunting for youth hunters is shots are usually closer. Plus, you have a little extra forgiveness with a turkey load pattern that spreads out a decent amount. Having a shooting rest can also help young hunters have confidence under pressure.


Image courtesy of Crimson Trail

So, go take a kid turkey hunting. I think you’ll find that it isn’t just a ton of fun for them, but its also a ton of fun for you. Introducing kids to turkey hunting is a great way to pass on the hunting tradition.


Image courtesy of Lethal Mission

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