Summer Coyote Hunting Tips

Summer Coyote Hunting Tips

If you haven’t gotten into coyote hunting, you really should give it a try. Once you start, it won’t take you long to get hooked. Coyote hunting can be some of the most action packed and entertaining hunting you’ll experience. Plus, every time you take out a song dog there will be one less fawn killer walking the woods. In this blog we’ll be going through a few tips from Joey Hartley with Mangy Dog TV on coyote hunting in the summer. If you haven’t seen Joey’s content, you definitely will want to check it out. He usually coyote hunts with dogs and it makes for some really fun hunts!

Picking Stands

No matter what you are hunting, location is everything. When I’m deer hunting, I understand that the deer will be in certain areas during certain times of the year based upon what food or other resource is available at that time. Coyote hunting is the same way. In the spring and summer months, coyotes will be near their denning sites. There are a few things to look for to increase your chances of hitting on a denning site. First of all, look for a water source. For example, Joey Hartley looks for small cattle ponds or similar water source. Another thing you’ll want to look for is thick cover. If you get the right ingredients for a denning location, there is a good chance a coyote den will be there. Another great indicator is if people inform you that they are hearing coyotes in a certain spot near dawn or dusk. Chances are a coyote den is nearby.

map pic


Picking the right call to use during the spring and summer months is also critical. Joey Hartley only uses coyote sounds during this time. Joey uses regular coyote vocalizations, pup distress sounds, fights, and mom and pup serenade and pup serenade sounds. The key to pup sounds is matching the sound to the age of the pups at that time. For example when the pups are really young, you will want to do a different sound than what you’ll use late summer. You want your calls to be as realistic as possible. Another great tip from Joey is you want to have a strategy for how you call if you are hunting a certain property multiple times during the summer. If you hunt a property early summer and then return a month later, you want to change up your calling a little. The better you can match your pup sounds to the age of the pups and the more you can change up your calling sequence when hunting a property multiple times, the better your chance of success will be this summer.


A coyote Joey called in during the summer.

coyote call

Shooting Rest

No matter what time of the year it is, having a solid rest for your rifle is super critical. Joey uses the Final Rest Rail-N-RIP Tripod setup and has been loving it. Whatever tripod you choose, it must be stable, lightweight, and quick to adjust. The Rail-N-RIP checks all those boxes. The Rail-N-RIP features a ball head and a Arca-Swiss mount for quickly attaching your rifle.


Joey with a coyote he downed with the Final Rest.


Summertime isn’t always the time people think of when they think of coyote hunting. Summer time can be a great time to hunt coyotes, and these tips from Joey Hartley will increase your chance of success this summer.


If you needed any coyote hunting motivation, here is a pic of a fawn hoof that Joey found in a pile of coyote dung.


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