Introducing Women To Crossbows

Introducing Women To Crossbows

By Tracy Breen

In recent years, crossbows have received a lot of flack for providing hunters with an unfair advantage. Some say they are too easy to shoot or that they shoot an arrow to fast. Regardless of what you think, one thing is certain: they are perfect for introducing women to the sport of hunting. Shane Mowery from Bone Maniacs just returned from a whitetail hunt in Kentucky where he and his wife, Jena tagged bucks. Jena shot her buck with a crossbow. “My wife really liked shooting and hunting with a crossbow,” Mowery said. “It was fairly easy to teach her how to shoot and use the crossbow.  Most importantly, she was able to successfully harvest a buck with a crossbow.  It is important that when you introduce someone to hunting they become successful.  If they don’t, they may give up on it. My wife enjoyed hunting with the crossbow.”
Eliminate the Shakes

One issue with a crossbow is it can be a bit bulky and hard to keep steady when aiming and shooting. Mowery and his wife were able to fix this problem, thanks to the Final Rest shooting system. “Anytime you introduce someone to a new type of weapon, they are going to be a little unsure of themselves,” Mowery explained. “That often means they will shake a little bit due to nerves. My wife hunted out of a ladder stand which had a shooting rail, but a shooting rail doesn’t always keep a crossbow or gun rock steady. My wife used a Final Rest Shooting System in the ladder stand which made keeping the crossbow steady a lot easier. With the Final Rest Pilar system, my wife can easily keep the crossbow cradled in the shooting rest and keep the crossbow steady for the shot.”

A Good Rest Can Increase Accuracy

Shane was amazed at how well his wife shot the crossbow. “I coached her a bit so she could get the hang of the crossbow and pretty quickly she started shooting great groups. In fact, the buck she shot was standing at 50 yards when she shot it,” Mowery explained. “I really think the Final Rest and the fact that anyone can quickly learn how to shoot a crossbow is why she was able to tag a good buck. A crossbow is a great way to introduce women and children to hunting.”


A Crossbow Is Not A Gun

When hunting with a crossbow, having a solid rest is extremely important. Another thing that hunters must consider when introducing someone to crossbow hunting is understanding that a crossbow is not a gun. ‘Because a crossbow has a trigger and a scope, some beginners treat a crossbow more like a gun than a bow. The truth is a crossbow has a limited range and the slightest jerk of the trigger can cause someone to miss what they are aiming at,” Mowery explained. “In addition to  a rest having a rangefinder and knowing exactly how far the animal is at when shooting is also a must. It is also important to have a maximum shooting distance when hunting. A crossbow is not a gun it is important to remember that.”
Crossbows can be fun to shoot, they are extremely deadly and when trained properly, a new hunter can be successful with a crossbow. If you or someone you know wants to give hunting a try, introducing them to hunting with a crossbow is a great option.

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